Demo of Web Submission and Review Software (0.63)

Here you can find a static HTML demo of version 0.63 of the Web Submission and Review Software. This demo includes almost all the pages that are available in this software. You can click through these pages to see of how the software behaves in the different situations during the submission and review process. To start the demo, choose between the following views:
Administrator/Program chair:
Initial setup of the software
Submission-site management
Review-site management
Final-version submission management
After camera-ready deadline

Program-committee member:
Initial access to site
Individual-review phase
Discussion phase

Submission author:
Paper submission
Final-version submission
Note that these views are not entirely separate: pages from one view are sometimes also accessible via links from other views. Also, remember that this demo is made entirely of static HTML pages, so it will ignore any input that you specify in the various forms.