IACR Statement, 2019, Shai Halevi
Running for vice president of the IACR

Short Statement

The IACR is my professional home. This is where I publish most of my work, and over the years I held several board-level roles, chaired conferences, and contributed in other ways. As the vice president I will keep contributing to the IACR, helping us maintain our vibrant research culture.

Longer Statement

I have been an active member of the IACR since my first CRYPTO in 1995. I am an IACR fellow, and over the years I served as membership secretary and director, as the chair of the TCC steering committee, and as a program chair of TCC and CRYPTO. I also wrote and maintained the websubrev system that the IACR has been using in recent years for submission and review of papers in its conferences.

I hope to keep contributing to the IACR and to the community that it serves. As the vice president I will strive to ensure that we maintain our vibrant research culture with its unique blend of mathematics, computer science, and engineering.

My first priority will be setting policies to help maintain the high quality of our research, even as we explore new models for our venues and publications. I will also work to enhance the services that the IACR offers to the cryptology research community and protect our ability to support open research in cryptology.