My picture Shai Halevi
Senior Principal Applied Scientist, AWS Cryptography
Hi, my name is Shai Halevi and I am a Senior Principal Applied Scientist at AWS Cryptography. Before that I was a research fellow in the Algorand Foundation (2019-2023), and a researcher in the Cryptography Research Group in IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (1997-2019). I received my PhD in Computer Science in 1997 from MIT, and my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science (in 1991, 1993) from the Technion in Israel. My research area is cryptography, and in particular cryptographic protocols and the building blocks from which they are constructed.
This page is somewhat outdated, with the exception of my publication list that I still keep up-to-date.
You can find here my CV (updated upto 2023). Some other things that I was doing are described below:

Other activities: I am serving on the steering committee of the Homomorphic Encryption Standardization effort, and the Advisory Team for the Homomorphic Encryption Benchmarking Framework. In 2009-2012 I was an associate editor in TISSES (ACM Transactions on Information and System Security). In 2020-2022 I was the vice president of the IACR. Until 2021 I served on the steering committee of the TCC conference (and chaired in 2013-2019). I chaired Crypto 2009 and co-chaired TCC 2006 (with Tal Rabin) and ACM-CCS 2016 (with Christopher Kruegel and Andrew Myers).

I also served on the program committees of TCC 2023 2022, 2023, Eurocrypt 2022, Eurocrypt 2021, Eurocrypt 2019, ACNS 2018, ACM-CCS 2017, Eurocrypt 2016, TCC 2015, CRYPTO 2013, PKC 2013, Pairing 2012, TCC 2011, Pairing 2010, Asiacrypt 2009, Eurocrypt 2008, ISC 2008, Asiacrypt 2007, ISC 2007, Eurocrypt 2007, CT-RSA 2007, VietCrypt 2006, Crypto 2005, Eurocrypt 2005, ACNS 2003, PKC 2002, CT-RSA 2002, Eurocrypt 2001, and Crypto 2000.

Awards: I am an IACR fellow, and the recipient of the 2017 SIGSAC Outstanding Innovation Award. I also received the IBM Memorial Pat Goldberg best-paper awards in 2004, 2012 and 2013, and the best-paper award in Eurocrypt 2013.