Shai Halevi
Research fellow, Algorand Foundation

Some Presentations/Surveys

Private Computing on Public Blockchains TPMPC 2022, June 2022, pptx.

Can a Blockchain Keep a Secret? TPMPC 2020, May 2020, pptx.

Advanced Cryptorgaphy: Promise, Progress, and Challenges, The Booz Allen Hamilton Distinguished Colloquium Series January 2020, presentation.

Instances of Efficient (F)HE Tel-Aviv University Theory-Fest, December 2019, pptx.

Compressible FHE with Applications to PIR, TPMPC 2019, pdf or pptx.

Advanced Cryptorgaphy: Promise and Challenges, ACM-CCS October 2018, pdf or pptx.

Implementation Details for FHE from Ring-LWE. Summer School on Mathematical and Practical Aspects of Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Multi-Linear Maps, October 2015, Part I, Part II, and Part III, (pptx).

The State of Cryptographic Multilinear Maps, CRYPTO 2015, August 2015, video.

Graded Encoding Schemes: Survey of Recent Attacks, NYC Crypto Day, January 2015, pdf or pptx.

Things that Cryptography Can Do, NYU Security Research Seminar, April 2014, pptx.

Multilinear Maps and Obfuscation, PKC 2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2014, pptx.

Two-Round Secure Computation from Indistinguishability Obfuscation NYC Cryptoday, Cornell NYC Tech, February 2014, pptx or PDF.

Multilinear Maps, Visions of Cryptography, Weizmann Institute of Science, December 2013, pptx or PDF.

Indistinguishability Obfuscation for all Circuits, Faces of Modern Cryptography, CAISS, CUNY, October 2013, pptx or PDF.

Field-Switching in Homomorphic Encryption, Workshop on Lattices with Symmetry, University of California, Irvin, August 2013, pptx or pdf.

Homomorphic Encryption with Polylogarithmic Overhead, workshop on Secure Multiparty Computation, CFEM, University of Aarhus, May 2012, pptx.

Homomorphic Encryption tutorial, CRYPTO 2011, pptx or PDF (see also the video). Here is an updated version of this tutorial from August 2013 in pptx or PDF

Fully Homomorphic Encryption Winter School on Secure Computation and Efficiency, Bar-Ilan University, January 2011, pptx or PDF.

On i-Hop Homomorphic Encryption, CIS/MSR Seminar, April 2010, Powerpoint or PDF.

On Homomorphic Encryption and Secure Computation, IBM/NYU/Columbia Theory Day, May 2010. Powerpoint or PDF.

Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Integers, invited talk in the NYU/Poly Security and Privacy Day, December 2009, Powerpoint or PDF. Also a longer presentation (given at the Columbia University theory seminar, Feb 2010), Powerpoint or PDF.

Cryptographic Hash Functions and their many applications, invited talk in USENIX Security, August 2009, Powerpoint or PDF.

Cryptosystems from unique-SVP lattices (Ajtai-Dwork'97/07, Regev'03), Crypto-in-the-clouds workshop, MIT, August 2009, Powerpoint or PDF.

Storage Encryption: A Cryptographer's View, invited talk in the Sixth Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks (SCN'2008), Powerpoint or PDF.